What I Do -- Conquering Marketing Disruption

The principal focus of my professional life for many years has been Marketing Disruption (“Any profound change in the business landscape that forces marketing organizations to undergo signification transformations, as opposed to incremental changes.”).

In my consulting, writing and speaking engagements I leverage my success in seeing connections between things that were previously unconnected to generate insights into why we humans do the odd things we do and how we got to be this way (the evolution of human behaviour) and to create strategically sound action steps for where marketing spending SHOULD be going versus where it is being misdirected today.

As you can read in my online ebooks that now top 300,000 words, one focused on Marketing Disruption, the other on Behavioural Insights, I probe deeply into the strategic reasons why marketing efforts today are being tragically misappropriated.  I explain why it’s understandable that, given our human predilections, CMOs are being lured down this path by an entire industry filled with ‘snake oil carney barkers’ using jargon and the promise of imminent ROI (not just yet, but sometime very soon…) to justify their pilfering of the marketing coffers. 

What I do for my clients is provide deep analysis, insights and action steps to address five core issues -- the urgency and importance of which McKinsey recently reinforced in their 2014 survey:
  1. Holistic Understanding of the Customer ‘Decision Journey’ & Experience:  With unique research processes and internal auditing I go far deeper than merely identifying consumer insights in order to create truly effective ongoing CRM processes that generate loyalty, dialing up the mere 13% of marketers who presently feel strongly that they grasp their customers.  The ‘Experience Economy’ is where we live.
  2. Making “Disruption” Integral to Strategy via Cross-Functional, Networked Teams:  “While 70 percent of CMOs say they employ agile marketing processes to analyze and iterate marketing plans and tactics as frequently as needed, just 45 percent of marketing VPs and directors and 50 percent of managers agree.”  Without company-wide strategies to combat disruption, effective change is impossible. After intense investigation into internal culture (and external ‘face’), I work at bridging the traditional Sales/Marketing divide and employing impactful, engaging change management to inject and maintain the custom-tailored strategies and tactics required to effect real and lasting new in-house behaviours.
  3. Managing Talent, Diversity & Inclusion via “The 6 P’s”:  One of the best ways to deal with disruption is not simply hiring for new skills, but training existing teams to deal with disruption as it comes down the pipeline.  I employ a variety of training workshops, seminars and processes to ensure your team is better prepared to ramp up and handle the current and imminent cascade of disruption. 
  4. Content Strategy, Not Just Development:  “84% of marketers do not have a formal content strategy or underlying production and distribution processes,” according to McKinsey.  While ‘content is king’ has become a familiar battle cry, as this ‘department’ is still in its infancy much of the work is helter-skelter, based on either quantity or quality, but essentially non-strategic.  I change that at a fundamental level and make it integral to the brand or firm’s full-spectrum voice.
  5. More Effective Use & Implementation of Data Analysis:  Trying to leverage ‘big data’ without integrating deep assimilation of how, psychologically, the targets on both the Marketing and Sales sides make decisions fails consistently.  I help improve the current 90% failure rate at integrating data into strategy by connecting things that were formerly unconnected inside your firm.

My ultimate goal in tackling these core issues is to fix:
  • Overextension – over 40% report they are overextended in the areas of content, data analytics and consumer understanding.
  • Lack of Focus – 95% feel they are spreading their efforts too thin with too many initiatives.
  • Slow Pace – it takes an average of 8 months to implement new initiatives.

Get started down a profitable new direction today by booking a custom tailored, no-fee seminar on how your team should be tackling Marketing Disruption.  Call me at (647) 500-5705 now, or send a quick email to get the ball rolling: KevinLenard@Gmail.com.  If you like what you hear, perhaps you’ll consider a free consulting intake session with me to find out what insights I might have into the challenges your firm or brand is facing during these hugely disruptive times. 

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