Thursday, February 9, 2017

Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely, It's In Their Hard Wiring

I first created this meme in a Nov. 25, 2015 post about Trump's vague (still is) 'political platform' (really just spouting whatever he gets the biggest reaction to).  My point in that post was that narcissistic psychopaths make GREAT dictators -- alas not so great democratic politicians -- but then a minority of Americans who bother to vote have said YES! to just such a dangerous character.  What history has taught us, but the rabble never learn as they don't read history, is that every guy like this cannot resist but quickly start to take over absolute control.  It's just what this personality type does, automatically.

Truthfully, I've learned a lot from my 'Hard Wired for Conservatism' friends like Chuck C,, Paul N., Louise S., Andrew L., Radek D. and Bob W.  They have, with Facebook barbs and tweets and comments and posts, turned me from my Social Justice Warrior far-left stance, to now being firmly in the center, what I'd call a "Neo-Libertarian."  I find the Libertatian concept appealing but, as a lifelong Student of Human Nature, I just can't see it working for the masses -- take away the rules and policing and we are guaranteed a brand new Wild West and summary executions by citizens of other citizens left and right.  This would leave the keenest Libertarians to, of course, become the new leaders and impose control over ever smaller communities who want to govern themselves -- we see the results of this kind of self-appointed leadership in the entire Muslim world with Imams taking control over a local flock of worshipers.  This 'system' is simply not conducive to a situation that gets better and better for everybody, as has been the case with successful Liberal Democracies up to this point.

Having had my eyes open to the Right's point of view, I have read a great deal about the failure of "Multi-Culturalism" in Europe and can see what a naive failure it is to accept any immigrants/refugees into any true democracy with welfare state benefits/philosophy in place, without having forced those wannabe citizens to demonstrate VERY sincerely that they are willing to accept the values and freedoms of their new country.  Further, allowing these new citizens to continue to practice any unreformed religion, whether it is a newly invented cult or an ancient faith that espouses the summary execution of non-believers, is a really bad idea because when their children grow into their teens.  The depressing reason, demonstrated over and over again, is that a small but dangerous percentage of teen/20's males who are prone to picking a fight, or prone to need to bolster their fledgling egos by taking on the mantle of 'identity politics', become radicalized -- especially when they've grown up marginalized within the new countries' societies by being brought up in self-imposed cultural ghettos of isolation run by self-appointed dictators of right and wrong (religious leaders).

Today, however, with the election of Donald Trump, my Hard-Wired-for-Conservatism friends -- who could not help themselves from being very hopeful that the guy spouting all those populist soundbites would prove to be a real proponent of the average Joe -- are going ever deeper into 'alternative facts' to prop up the world's newest Dictator for Life, the Donny, and it just keeps getting sadder.  None of the so-called checks and balances meant to hold Donny back are working in favour of the populace so far, he's just railroading through stuff to benefit his family and the 1%, along with the criminals who inhabit the swamp of corruption he is flooding to the brim, not draining.

I've listened to the big-brained Stephan Molyneux attempt to herald Trump's Muslim Ban as a day that will go down in history as a win for the furtherance of Western Democracy (generally he means Capitalism as he's a Libertarian -- as most very smart adults with some exposure to business are -- so he'd like to see Government banished, which kind of means Democracy goes with it...see paragraph one).  I've listened to quite brainy Conservatives herald Donny's "Liar in Chief" Kellyanne Conway as the greatest truth-teller ever.  The list of absurdities goes on.  It would be sad if it wasn't so damn frightening.

Now, on Tuesday, February 7th, 2017 we have Donny saying, about a Texas state senator who is pushing for a rule to stop law enforcement personnel from pocketing a lot of drug money they capture crossing the border (and likely the merchandise as well): "“Who is the state senator? Do you want to give his name? We'll destroy his career," Trump offered."  That will be a tough one to brush off, but I know the Trumpsters are spinning hard right now to come up with a way to make light of this one, too.

My favourite explanation of why Donny is great and therefore will be a great President is that he has made a lot of money.  His long string of bankruptcies is NOT seen as the obvious poor judgement calls these business attempts were, but rather "clever manipulation of the system, courageous experiments, inevitable ups and downs of a successful business."  What is ignored is that, as long as you are smart and conservative (not impulsive), when you take over your dad's real estate company in Manhattan in 1971 you'd have to be an idiot NOT to see that turn into billions. (The price per square foot in NYC was about $45 in the 1970's and since has risen by a multiple of ~27, so $50 million in property value back then is worth $1.35 billion today, and when his father died in 1999 Donald inherited a fifth of what was estimated to be a $250-300 million business) -- yet it looks like Donny might actually currently be bankrupt, having borrowed and spent more than his real estate assets are now worth (he's living like Bernie Madoff, borrowing for Russians and the Chinese to keep living the high life).  Sorry, money makes money, especially in Manhattan real estate, and real estate investing is just not the same as running a manufacturing or other business with a million 'moving parts.'  The guy is just not very clever, sadly, despite his constant repetition that he's brilliant.

Smart people can easily identify other smart people, just like not-so-smart people can identify other not-so-smart people -- "Hey, he's just like me!"  This is called the "Dunning Kruger Effect" and has been proven true many times over scientifically: smart people can clearly figure out that there is a lot of stuff that they haven't learned yet, that experts are more knowledgeable about, and so they are convinced they aren't as smart as REALLY smart people; not-so-smart people can't figure out that their inborn opinions (hard wired) are not of equal value to truly smart people's scientifically proven facts, so they become convinced they are pretty smart.   Ergo, Trump supporters are absolutely sure that they are smart and therefore that the Donny is smart.  (Ask them what score they got on the last IQ test they took...)  Remember, what is scary about any democracy is NOT that your Average Joe scores 100 in IQ, but that the entire 50% of the population below him are not as smart as Joe.

So if you really want the truth about who is ACTUALLY smart and who is not-so-smart, don't trust your instincts, or your own opinions, or how much the person in question says things you feel are right, rather seek out the opinions of people who are demonstrably clever.  My IQ is over 140 and I can assure you that Donny is as thick as two short planks.  He has no curiosity (the key hallmark of intelligence) and cannot learn easily due to a reading impediment, this is why he spends so much time on Twitter, reading only headlines and soundbites, and watching TV.  It's also why he has no clue about the details of the Executive Orders that Bannon and Miller are getting him to sign, one of these elevating Bannon to a position of greater power than the Vice President.  Donny has never said a single thing that is profound, has never spoken about a single concept ("I'm gonna build a YUGE wall!" is not a concept, sadly). 

The reality is, as Jonathan Haidt has proven (if you think scientific inquiry and evidence is of any value, and if you don't you should get rid of the device you're reading this on...) in his 2012 book "The Righteous Mind: Why Good People are Divided by Politics and Religion", that there are many people hard-wired for being Conservatives and an equal number who are hard-wired for being Liberals, and a good percentage of these folks just happen to also be not so smart.  When you have this on the Left, you end up with Social Justice Warriors who shout a lot of slogans, but cannot explain their arguments.  On the Right EXACTLY the same thing occurs with people shouting about values, but unable to explain why these values are valid and important with regard to human society overall.

Neither side can do more than shout and feel intensely tribal with their fellow Lefties or Righties.  They project their 'values' onto their instinctive 'nationalism' and believe that the other side is ruining their country.  It is sadly incredibly easy for the Money-Hoarders to manipulate these minorities and even to convince those with similar leanings, but more inquisitive minds, to LEAN in one direction or the other by exploiting fear and tribalism (e.g. "You may see value in the other sides' point of view, but you are 'one of us' by birth, or faith, or the State you're from.").  In the US's corrupt '2 Party Oligopoly' many voters get swayed by becoming 'single issue voters' and vote against their best interests to simplify their efforts to understand the bigger picture (and in fact it really did NOT make much difference who was in  power in the past -- but this new guy is fundamentally different...)

There are also people who are hard-wired for being entirely and incontrovertibly self-focused.  They no more chose to be this way than the Lefties or Righties do, it's just how their brains are wired.  These individuals cannot help but chase fame, popularity, power and money.  It's just in their nature.  Given any opportunity to gain more popularity and power/money, they will automatically do it.  Vladimir Putin is a modern day example of this.  I just read Gary Kasparov's very level-headed analysis of Putin's ascendancy, "Winter is Coming", and it's quite an eye opener into how a Narcissistic Psychopath progresses once exposed to a political opening.

What the world, and America in particular, is facing with The Donny is simply another narcissistic psychopath, but not a smart, calculating one like Putin, but a not-so-smart, impulsive, vindictive one who is easy to steer.  If by week three you haven't seen the risk in letting this buffoon, who is easily manipulated by anyone who strokes his ego, from Putin to Bannon, to hold the reigns of the most powerful military in the world (and the US President has quite liberal unilateral power over the military), then nothing much is going to convince you it's a bad idea, until the world blows up in your face.  Those who will, as they always do, make TONS of taxpayer money from the next World War are the owners of the military industrial complex companies and the banks that back the complex.  Make no mistake, IT COSTS THEM NOTHING TO START A WAR, and they make more trillions from every conflict (the only downside being millions of 99%ers' lives lost, a tragedy which they could care less about as those people are not worth as much to humanity as they are because they have hoarded a lot of family money, which proves they're smarter and worth more as human beings).\

Hold on to your heuvos, Trumpsters!  This isn't going to go well for you, your families, or any of the rest of us.  The GOP will sit back and wait for Donny to implode, then for the Democrats to impeach him.  Then they'll have their man Pence in the driver's seat for the remainder of the 4 year term.  You, once again, heard it here first!  The only upside is that the Republicans under Pence will do everything they've ever wanted to do, but on steroids, and will piss off the American electorate so completely that their party may be made entirely irrelevant -- but then the Dems have already done that to themselves and similarly will be unlikely to recover by 2020.  I suspect we'll finally see an independent make the grade.  Let's hope nothing goes completely off the rails between now and then, but it's almost guaranteed we'll see a depression long before then.


  1. 1) Chuck C. (me) is more Libertarian than anything else. But when you view my opinions from the far-left end of the spectrum I just seem right wing.

    2) Trump received $14 million from his father, not $400 million. $1 million from a trust, and later $14 million from a casino deal in 1985

    3) Democrats cannot impeach Trump as you state above. They would need to win more seats in Congress in 2018 first.

    4) What does the "Dunning Kruger Effect" say when two people with 140 IQ like yours disagree on how intelligent a third person is or not?

    5) "Trump's Muslim Ban" - The left contradicts itself (duh). On one hand Trump is banning Muslims! On the other hand he is allowing in Muslims from countries where he has done business (along with from many other Muslim countries where he hasn't). How can it be a "Muslim ban" when the majority of Muslims from the majority of Muslim countries and elsewhere can still come? It can't.

    $400 million, Muslim Ban - just spreading more fake news.

    That said, very happy to see you are moving towards the right. Libertarian would be far enough. ;-)

    1. Well Chuck, I like that you see yourself as Libertarian, but you do cling to some things that seem more like emotional (hardwired) attachments than well considered and thoroughly provable good ideas, but setting that aside...

      2) Did Donny's dad leave him none of his millions when he died? Regardless, back in the '80s the $15 million you cite above (not $14m) was a pretty guaranteed starting point to remain wealthy if your focus was NYC real estate, so my point remains -- not incredible smarts, but rather luck and being in the right place. This was a typo on my part that I've corrected to $40m.

      3) I fully recognize that the Dems cannot impeach Donny on their own, hence my point about the GOP sitting back -- or rather, as it turns out, pushing their entire agenda through without Donny, who is too busy attending rallies, golfing and tweeting to be involved, demonstrating that he has zero interest in the role he landed.

      4) Besides being born lucky (already rich) and going bankrupt over and over, choosing really stupid businesses to get involved in and then making it big by stumbling into reality TV, name anything smart you have seen him say or do? His politics change depending on his audience, making him a great manipulator, but not demonstrably smart. An IQ of about 100 isn't smart, it's average, and he's one of those people who assure us that he is convinced he is smart by telling us that he is, not articulating a single thoughtful concept.

      5) My use of a phrase that Donny himself uses has nothing to do with my insight into what it is. I LIKE the idea of the Western world stopping all but the most demonstrably atheistic Muslims (and demonstrably eager to embrace Western values) from becoming immigrants. I just think that Donny's "Muslim Ban" is grandstanding/showboating and entirely ineffectual.

      So you got me on the $400 typo: "A National Journal writer, S.V. Dáte, estimated Trump started with $40 million in 1974 when he became president of his father’s real estate company. By one estimate, the firm was worth about $200 million. Divided among Donald Trump and his four siblings, each would have received $40 million."

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