Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Hope for Change, AGAIN!

This is a WTF?!? moment in the waking world today.  The Donald has ascended his golden throne and the world is trembling, and with good reason, given his temperament, ego and profound ignorance about global issues. 

What is most significant  is that this is the third time since the bumbling, inept George W. made a mockery of the US Presidential Office for 8 years that Americans have voted for maximum change when presented with the option.  Bernie Sanders would have won the nomination from Hillary if he'd been given the same news coverage as Trump and Hillary by the 5 corporations that own every news-for-profit outlet in the US.  Bernie represented the change that America had asked for in electing Barack Obama -- though sadly he turned his back on the one thing that empowered his success (click here to read my 2011 article) and ensured he'd never be able to effect the change he'd promised.  While Hillary represented every bad thing about America's 'politics as usual and so was soundly rejected by the electorate,' Bernie would have beaten Trump by a large margin.  What does that tell us about America's REAL appetite for change?  The one thing that Americans believed about Trump was that, if anyone COULD effect real change, it was him.  (Sadly I now doubt it, given the GOP majority in both houses, but we'll see...)

What we learned about Donald Trump through the campaign was that he will say anything to win.  We also know that he will turn his back on his supporters without a second thought, as both psychopaths and politicians (see Obama above) usually do.  What we also know about Trump, though few bothered to do the research, is that he has always been a Democrat-Centrist who will support any breaks for the rich that are proposed.  This will likely mean that every far-right, impractical campaign issue he had shouted about will vanish the instant he walks into the White House.  Just watch. 

Although the ultra rich Republican politicians are now dancing with glee at having won a free hand to manipulate the American populace into an even worse individual household financial state than they are already in, I suspect The Donald won't let them do it.  Its not what he actually believes America needs.  (Sadly the worst thing that will occur almost immediately is a far right Supreme Court judge being appointed, and that could have long term disastrous effects upon the youth of America.)

Ronald Regan and George W. Bush were just as average in their intellectual abilities as Trump is, though one succeeded by surrounding himself with experts, recognizing he didn't have the capabilities, while the other simply bumbled through, successfully starting a war for profit to enrich his family and supporters before leaving office, but otherwise accomplishing very little, hence the rise of "Hope for Change" and "Change We Can Believe In."  Sadly Obama's ego prompted him to make a lot of poor strategic moves in his first 2 years that ensured the Republicans would win enough seats to turn him into a 'lame duck' President and the change America so desperately needed did not happen.    

The risk now comes down simply to The Donald's 'personality type,' one he does not share with any American president we know of, but does share with every dictator our species has ever suffered under.  Narcissistic psychopaths like Trump and Putin, and our former Canadian PM, Stephen Harper, who ruled us with as iron a fist as our constitution would allow him for 10 long years, LOVE power.  They wallow in it, manipulating their world to their own advantage and taking great pleasure in doing so.  Trump will do the same -- he cannot help himself -- but he also craves approval and that might mean he ends up doing right by average Americans. 

Rather than the change average Americans were hoping for with this braggart-buffoon, they might get the opposite, but to be fair, The Donald might just surprise us all and go back to his Democratic-Centrist roots once he's in office.  It will be tough for him to oppose the dyed-in-the-wool Republican majority, but he has proven to 'have balls' when push comes to shove.  All this uncertainty about what he MIGHT do may just be the pin-prick that will start the next great depression, however, as the global gambling pool run by the world's 1% that we call 'the stock markets' HATES uncertainty and the bubble is very close to the breaking point (click here to read my post "A Global Depression is Sadly Inevitable in 2016-17").

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