Sunday, September 25, 2016

Trump is a Scam Artist and He's Running His Biggest One Yet on America

First Published on LinkedIn, October 3, 2016:

Donald Trump is running a scam at the moment,and most of America (egotistically) is taking him seriously. He's not serious. Why? Because he knows he can't do the job and he really doesn't want it.
I suspect that he has vacillated about trying to take this little spotlight-grabbing experiment of his seriously, but in the end, as he said on Oprah in 1988, he just doesn't believe he has the 'inclination' for the job. He is not stupid and he recognizes some of his issues and I believe he knows, deep down, that it isn't a job he could stay focused on and succeed at.

The Donald is determined, unreasonably confident (resilient to failure), fame and money hungry, and easily distracted. He's not as smart as some people would like to believe of him, and CERTAINLY not as smart as his ego assures him that he is (see the Dunning Kruger Effect), but neither is he quite as stupid as others surmise. It is actually quite tough to fail in the real estate business if you have a lot of determination and you start out with a lot of daddy's money, especially if you aren't an idiot.

Asserting that Donald is an idiot is entirely unhelpful both because it simply makes his supporters (see, again, the Dunning Kruger Effect) double down in their belief that anyone as 'successful' as he is at achieving The American Dream (he did not, his daddy did) MUST be very smart and also because it distracts from efforts to counter his narrative by reasonable Americans. But regardless of his actual IQ, he is demonstrably a narcissistic psychopath (NOT a sociopath -- he is does not have trouble understanding and operating in society, he understands other humans extremely well and spends a great deal of his time manipulating them within the constraints of society). It is this factor that drives everything he does.

Donald cannot be other than he is. He cannot say no to an opportunity to be in the spotlight AND to manipulate a vast swath of fellow humans. He is genuine in his desire to see political change in his country and has been very consistent in his thoughts and opinions on what is needed to improve America, the aims of the Republican party being a big target of his 'hope for change'. At the end of the day, however, while he is a master at pulling the puppet strings of the less than competent conceptual thinkers on the far right, he is not particularly interested in the real job of being a President of the United States. It's just not the kind of job that he'd enjoy. It's too taxing and boring.
Donald LOVES doing new stuff all the time and being in the spotlight, but he's not good at running for President -- it requires sticking to a single script and takes more concentration than he's capable of. It requires learning things deeply and broadly -- not his forte. He's getting very tired of that part of the task of campaigning. He loves the limelight and sharing his 'passing thoughts' with anyone and everyone, he doesn't like routine and control (he has never worked for a boss, ever).

Which is not to say that, as has been the case with every totalitarian dictator in human history, if Donald had the chance to rise to power WITHOUT going through America's process of getting voted in AND could be assured of unlimited power without the annoying intervention of Senators and legislators once he became President, he would say no to the role. Narcissistic psychopaths want that kind of fame and control instinctively, just like Vladimir Putin. They are the single personality type that the rest of us need to legislate control of to protect ourselves.

So stop worrying so much, those of you of the 'reasonable right', as well of the center and left. Deep down Donny doesn't want the job and, as we get closer to the election he will reveal that he never wanted to have to get this far. His irrepressible immature personality quirks will ultimately turn off the last of the deciding majority of 'swing voters' before the vote in November. Determination does not equal stamina when it comes to doing something he finds really boring.

The Donald really did want to make a point about politics in America and he has. On the back of his efforts the Republican Party WILL have to reinvent itself, or it will shrink and eventually vanish. Young Americans are the opposite of The Donald's supporters for the most part and they will demand a very different political stance for America's politicians in the coming decades. Bernie Sanders is the wave of the future for America and America's youth will have it no other way down the road.

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