Sunday, September 25, 2016

T Bone Burnett Speaks to Real Talent vs. the Endless Pursuit of Self-Faming Online

I'm not so sure it's the 'technocrats' alone saying: "the technocrats are saying, “Look, we’re just going to go ahead and do this, and we’ll sort it all out later.” As they did with the atom bomb." It's actually the technocrats chasing the young programmers around trying to make a buck off them after the fact and saying "we'll sort it out later".

The real risk is that we've blindly handed over control of our lives to people who are developing undeniably addictive stuff targeting themselves and those coming up behind them. We now have two generations of youth who have been enslaved to highly addictive and entirely anti-social immersive technology during a time of their lives when all of their brain wiring, all of their behvioural neural pathways, are being permanently laid down (we have recently learned that to reduce the energy expense required to 'run them', during development brains 'prune out' the cells our environment demonstrates we don't need, starting at the base at birth and working up the back of our brains during youth, across the top and finishing with the frontal lobes only at about 25 year of age).

No one asked or thought about what it might do to have children from an early age addicted to gaming and texting. The technocrats didn't care, as they haven't cared with fossil fuels, as long as they were hoarding even more money at the expense of the 99% and the future health of their species. In the coming decade we are going to learn what it does to entire generations of humans to be raised not in the social embrace of the tribe, but all alone locked into the small, isolated 'boxes' we call the "New Normal" -- homes with high-fenced backyards, always on free internet porn and gaming and never being out of the 'protective control' of their hyper-parenting, post-30 year old egotistically-addicted 'ME Generation' parents driving them around in 'family vans' and schoolbuses versus being faced with the normal risks of life and it's educational disappointments.

Be very afraid. This is the largest 'collective experiment' we humans have ever inadvertently perpetrated on our children (click to read the article) and it is permanently laid down in their behavioural pathways.

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