Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Change America Needs in 2016

Human egos being what they are, neither these two nor their followers might go along with it, but this 'dream ticket' would win the election this year and would transform US politics with a viable third party -- and the world would be changed by it...


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About Me: “Motivational Speakers” make you feel good for a few hours, then you go back to your normal life/work. My seminars and podcasts leave people fundamentally changed by understanding why our brains have evolved to make us do what we do — by understanding, we can effect real, transformative change in our behaviour and our lives.

The evolution of human behaviour has been a fascination of mine since long before I began working in marketing. My unflagging passion helped me become a global thought leader on Disruption and Experience Marketing in an era of unprecedented and overwhelming change. It’s not really all THAT complicated — we just need to get back to our roots and “marketing’s” infancy…

I can help you and your team change where you’re going and, most importantly, how you get there. Contact me for a no-fee Lunch & Learn and take the high ground with a real understanding of human motivation: kevinlenard@gmail.com.


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