Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Make America Great Again. Bernie Sanders actually would.

 1.5 hours well invested (click for the link to his Georgtown U. speech).  Revolution -- The Change America Needs.

Wow.  Hillary would actually waste another 4 years piddling around, time that the US just doesn't have.  Bernie might be incapacitated by a stroke by half-term, but man, he'd initiate the change America needs -- the change that Obama wanted to make, but couldn't because his skin was the wrong colour (and he let his ego take control on Day One).

Here's a shorter CNN interview by Wolf Blitzer (17 mins.) from September of 2015 that summarizes all of Bernie's points quite well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3sg433xMMW8


About Me:  Marketing Disruption isn’t exactly new, but we haven’t seen disruption of today’s magnitude since ‘marketing’ became a powerful consumer force in 1930 with the first sponsorship of soap operas by Colgate Palmolive on radio.

In 2006 I began doing speaking engagements to Fortune 1000 and SMB marketing teams laying out the facts of human nature that prove why any medium called ‘social’ will never be an effective ‘push’ marketing platform. In 2009 I began blogging extensively about where marketing budgets will shift after the “Social Marketing” bubble finally bursts (“How Ineffective New Media Hijacked Your Marketing Budget”). It’s not rocket science – it’s just human nature -- and human beings are all about engaging, memorable experiences, NOT being forced to endure push advertising in order to 'pay for' the pleasurable experience of watching an engaging TV show or movie.

Now, some nine years later it looks like my conviction about the need to shift from 'push' to 'pull' is about to bear fruit as we see the shift from 'product marketing' to 'experience marketing' gather serious momentum (the latest addition to the "C-Suite" is the "CXO" -- Chief Experience Officer!).  Perhaps my 2006 predictions about the imminent arrival of marketing's 'holy grail' are also about to bear fruit, too...

I’m a global thought leader on today’s Marketing Disruption and Experience Marketing.  I'm also a scholar on the Evolution of Human Behaviour and my keynotes on the subject help my audiences change the direction their lives and careers are heading in.   

I can help you and your team join the few truly adaptable and visionary marketers who are beginning to see the light beyond the current distraction of new, but low/no ROI media. Contact me for a no-fee Lunch & Learn for your organization and let's head down the road to the real future of marketing: kevinlenard@gmail.com; or text/call me at: 1 (647) 500-5705.

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