Monday, November 16, 2015

Free Societies Ban Symbols of Oppression -- Like the Burqa

As Canadians, citizens of a country that does not allow religious manipulation of our laws, we should ban symbols of oppression. The niqab, hijab and burqa are such symbols. They are CULTURAL, not religious, per se, and were not commonplace just 60+ years ago before the oil boom made the nomads of the Middle East insanely wealthy.

Yes, the Quran says 'women should cover their beauty (hair),' but the Bible and Torah, also books written by men who wanted the power that comes with being in charge of a religion, ALSO have a bunch of now irrelevant 'commands' and guidelines we now choose to ignore in the modern world. I lived in the Middle East and I can assure you that every year a Saudi Imam who wanted to be more powerful/famous came up with yet a new way of interpreting the Quran's verses to cover up women even more (in about 1998 it escalated to the notion that any exposed flesh, like feet in sandals or their hands, showing on a woman meant were sluts deserving of beatings by the so-called "religious police" -- psychopathic former prisoners released if they agreed to beat up women in the street).

Sharia law is a ancient law of oppression, giving disturbed, power-hungry men the right to beat and rape and stone to death the women in their families and neighbourhoods. (Note that the vast majority
of men NEVER leverage these barbaric 'rules' to abuse their womenfolk, but we humans produce a lot of nut-jobs.)  These barbaric ancient symbols and 'rules' have no place in the modern world, and ALL Canadian women should be forced by our laws to rid themselves of the face (and even hair) covering symbols of male oppression (the notion is that 'protective jealousy' upholds the man's honour, not that it is the woman who's honour is being protected by a symbol of 'modesty'). Symbols of oppression are not Canadian, they are not moral, they are not right. If the women want to give in to their tyrannical male oppressors behind closed doors, fine, but in the street face coverings should be banned once and for all, just as witch burnings (an identical analogy from our ancient past) are now illegal.

When we foolishly take our 'acceptance of other cultures' far too literally and begin to dilute the very substance of the country to which all of these people who want a better life wish to become citizens of, we empower the radicalization of the socio- and psychopathic nut-job-mass-murder-wannabe young people who become seduced, at a time when their brain pathways are still getting laid down and are vulnerable to ego-based manipulations and delusions, to want to be heroes in the eyes of followers of a religion. Religions had an important place, prior to modern understanding of the world and modern governments, in regulating the worst aspects of human behaviour. These constantly repeated stories don't become any more true through constant repetition, they are still just stories.

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