Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Putin Has Become the Inevitable: Absolute Power Corrupts the Mind Absolutely

From a Facebook reply to a link to: "Is It Hysterical to Prepare for War With Putin?" 

I find fascinating (yes, armchair observation from a relatively safe distance) is how "in lockstep" Putin has developed as a lunatic dictator as the money, and therefore power (or more accurately in his case the reverse), have accumulated for him. Every single low-empathy, highly driven, narcissistic individual like him (the ONLY 'personality type' motivated enough to go through the bullshit necessary to rise to this kind of position) goes through the identical behavioural pattern. Identical, as though in lockstep: Saddam Hussein, Mohummar Ghadaffi, Kim Il-sung, Hitler, Ghenghis Khan, Hafez al-Assad, Beijing's Top Leaders and those of Myanmar, etc. They all start off poor and ineffectual and frustrated/angry at those with power and money, they rise up gradually, get some recognition/power, take over absolute power, then become corrupted absolutely and start doing megalomaniac shit, believing it is their destiny.  (Interestingly, if they get the chance, like the king coinquerers of old, they all appoint their sons as their successors.)

Psychiatrists know all about the pattern and the fact that these people lose their ability to reason, or resist their ego's demands to 'rule the world'. In Putin's case he has been gradually using the money he has appropriated from the Oligarchs to rebuild an elite Russian military (small elite, big army of poor recruits) and like the fabulously rich Richard Branson, he now cannot resist using his toys. In fact, HE SEEMS INCAPABLE OF RESISTING his impulses to do so. He's moving forward despite the risks to the money and mid-to long-term comfort of his Oligarch-money-source (although they are all so fabulously rich now they are untouchable for life).

I believe once we stop talking geopolitical motivations on Putin's part and start talking about him like a run-away lunatic megalomaniac, we can start to reign in not only him, but all the psycho/sociopaths who have forced or manipulated their way into power around the world. But that's just me. The powers that be benefit from claiming that religion and 'nation building' are the motivations behind global conflict.

It's never easy to understand how to best deal with an individual who has slipped into that dark part of the human psyche that absolute power and unlimited wealth push the types of people who are driven to attain the most powerful positions available in their country (Putin is now the richest person in Russia, perhaps the world). We have seen it happen in a virtually identical way with Saddam, Muammar and Adolf and in each case they took their power and control and tried to expand their country's border.

The 'open letter' posted on "http://dearputin.com/" attempts to reason with Vladimir in a very sound way (looking at things from his perspective), yet sadly Vlad is no longer in a reasonable state of mind. He's now a megalomaniac, full-blown. He will continue, like the rest, until stopped -- best with a bullet.

Sit back and watch it play out -- he has already built up his elite military, now he's going to play with his new toys just like his predecessors. Even the Oligarchs who supply him with his funds (it was their beach houses that were the motivation for seizing Crimea, nothing nationalistic about it) cannot pull him back from the brink now, his inner voices are telling him he needs to build a 'legacy' of returning Russia into a regional/global power -- taking Ukraine is just the natural next step for a guy whose ego has taken control of this brain.

You read it from me first!

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