Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Crimea is NOT About Invading Ukraine. It's About BEACH! (And All the Oligarchs' Beach Houses.)


Well, beach and money.

Putin and his financial supporting team, the oligarchs, want more Russian beach (and God is not creating any more beach anytime soon on Russian territory).

All of the oligarchs own HUGE properties on the Crimean beach.  And they (and their friends, family) own many of the businesses supporting the vacation trade.  Putin already paid $50 billion to turn Sochi into a world class beach resort, but there isn't much more he can do there without invading Georgia to the south (more beach).  Crimea at least has a good 'back story' involving Russia.

While Putin used power to become rich by extorting money out of the oligarchs (give me lots of your money or I'll put you in jail for tax evasion), now his power is diluted by the money providers.  He has to meet with them and do what they all jointly demand: "Protect our money/investments".  He is now one of them, no longer independent.

It is NOT about expansionism!  It's just about some really rich guys protecting their toys and leisure-time property.  For the very few rich guys who own Russia, this was a smart move, now completed and protected by the newly upgraded/modernized military that Putin has been investing in over the past decade.  The reason any dictator builds up his military is to protect the interests of himself and his supporters.

Filter everything that Russia (not Putin) does through the "What's best for the oligarchs?" (of which Putin is now the richest) and all motivations become crystal clear. 

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