Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Gay Nationalists

Remembrance Day in Warsaw, 2013
Upon hearing that in Warsaw (my home for 3.5 years) the neo-Nazis march on Remembrance Day to riot over Polish Nationalism and burn gay flags (not clear what the rationale for the rioting comes from, other than it is a highly enjoyable activity for drunk young males to participate in), here's a stray thought that likely leads nowhere

It's my postulation that one in ten of the lads in the photo above are 'closet homosexuals'. 

Around the globe, regardless of culture, about 10% of the population is homosexual. About 10% of each population are fervent nationalists, also know as 'change-averse social conservatives'. (Bizarrely, but then humans are nothing if not bizarre, there is cross-over of about 10% of the 10%: 1% are fervent gay nationalists...) 

In each case no amount of exposure to the largely opposing brain-wiring of the other 90% of the population will ever shift the 10%'s hard-wired brains to act/feel differently -- they are what they are ("Haters gonna hate," sexual preference is what it is). All that is possible is for the 90% to insist that the 10% don't do what their 10%er brains most want them to do out in the street, whether the activity be sex orgies or white power marches. 

It isn't even the laws or law enforcement in any given country that do this, it is the overall insistence of the 90% that this type of behaviour is entirely and completely unacceptable. Once the 90% (obviously NOT actually 90, but rather the majority) unite in agreement, then gay couples can marry and have kids and hold hands walking down any street, as is the case now in Toronto (although about 10% of the time they pass by some asshole who curses at them under his breath while reading a white power blog on his smart phone).  

Sadly, the 'amelioration' that is necessary for the majority to shift their point of view doesn't happen in isolation, and Poland has VERY few emigres now, nor will anytime in the near future, so the general populace gets little exposure and therefore growing familiarity with anything other than pure Polish culture.  What is most frightening in the Internet age is that the hard-wired nationalists in every country of the world (i.e. 'change-averse social conservatives') no longer have to see anything BUT news and information that mirrors their hard-wired tendencies.  

Standing in the way of shifting that majority, too, is the fact that an instinct towards 'nationalism' (i.e. "Our tribe is 'the chosen people' and anyone who is not exactly like us is to be feared/hated/killed") is a very deeply hard-wired instinct in the human brain.  Inexplicably it can be very easily 'switched on' with just a bit of enthusiastic soap-box proselytization on the part of a self-serving politico or religious leader and will induce people to murder and go to their deaths motivated by nothing else.  And it can be redirected in the blink of a neuron-synapse impulse, the religious fundamentalists from county X and country Y can go from fighting side by side against people from another religion, only to fall upon each other a moment later when their countries declare war upon each other.  THAT is a very powerful human instinct!

All this means that the only ameliorating force in the tightly isolated little world of fervent nationalists is the 10% of their members who are cross-over members of other 'minority tendency people, like the nationalist who feels rioting is not cool.  YAY!  There is still hope, although it's only 10%... 


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