Tuesday, July 23, 2013

OMG! A "Royal" Manufactured a ANOTHER Human!

Ladies, I know this seems blasphemous, but REALLY?!?

Addiction drives the human species to do everything we do, and addicts spend a LOT of time commiserating with their fellow addicts, back-slapping and agreeing amongst themselves that they are normal in their addiction and everyone is stupid because they don't get how great being an alcoholic or shopaholic or gambler is.  The single most addictive (and rewarding) drug the human brain knows is the self-produced brain hormone oxytocin.  It FLOODS the brain during pregnancy, birth and breast-feeding and binds mom and baby together inseparably for life (hence the deep-seated problem with adoption/separating babies and their biological moms).

Our new culture of celebrating our irresistible instinct to reproduce on a planet over-run with human babies is more than a little concerning. It is not some life-altering 'choice' humans make -- we are genetically pre-programmed to make more humans. Obsessing over the next celebrity or Royal to pop another baby out of their oven is just about each of you living the oxytocin rush vicariously one more time.

(And don't even get me started on those stupid white stickers with outlines of family members on the back of mini-vans!  "WE COULDN'T RESIST OUR BIOLOGICAL IMPERATIVE TO PRODUCE MORE HUMANS AND HELP OVERPOPULATE THE PLANET!  YAY!") 

Let's dial the addiction back a little!  RESIST READING THE "CELEBRITY BABY" ARTICLES!!! ;-)

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