Tuesday, February 12, 2013

AVAAZ Joins FOX News and the Tea Party in Misusing Information to Stir Up Fear in Not-So-Smart People Around the Globe

After a few years of increasingly impressive work to improve the lot of all the common folk on the planet, today AVAAZ.org began a campaign of fear-mongering and ignorant misinformation to try to stop the amazing work scientists are doing to help feed our EXPLODING human population by suggesting that meat protein, if grown quickly, will turn us into zombies.  
A formerly enlightened group joins FOX News and the Tea Party in leveraging fear-mongering.
It is really reprehensible (but seductively simple!) to manipulate the 50% of our population who unfortunately fall on the left side of the intelligence bell curve with fear of becoming zombiesAmazingly, for a group that seemed smart enough to be able to grasp concepts, the AVAAZ team has embraced this tactic enthusiastically.  I'm dropping my support for them following this heinous effort.  My open letter to AVAAZ:
Dear Jamie, et al,

Power corrupts and leads humans to work towards their own personal agendas.  AVAAZ has a lot of power and you are now using that power against the best interests of our species to pursue your own entirely misguided agenda.  Sad.

FOX News in the US is not the only organization to use disinformation and baseless fear as tools to pursue a very narrow agenda, now AVAAZ is joining the Tea Party in leveraging these highly effective tactics.

Genetic modification, as you refer to it, is called ‘breeding’ by the world’s first and oldest scientific profession: farmers. There is NOTHING dangerous about selecting animals or plants with specific genes and breeding them for those advantageous traits to better feed the world’s poor and overpopulated nations.  In fact, finding new ways to ensure everyone is adequately fed is what will slow and reverse our runaway overpopulation by reducing poverty and therefore increasing women’s education.

What is ESPECIALLY stupid in your latest campaign is the suggestion that eating meat that is genetically suggested might somehow turn people into ‘zombies’ or something along those lines.  That suggestion is reprehensible.  Protein is protein, carbohydrates are carbohydrates, and, yes, some forms of cholesterol and sugar are not as ‘healthy’ as others, but they are NOT about to turn us into zombies, they simply are less healthy for us in large quantities (vegan addicts are not healthy individuals, they have taken the idea far too far — eating flesh is what allowed the human species to dominate the planet, an easily-digestible source of protein).

Using fear-mongering tactics based upon ignorance and disinformation, like using the ‘Frankenstein’ fantasy as through it had any basis in reality, is grossly unethical and morally repugnant.  That a formerly well-informed and apparently clever group of level-headed individuals like you folks would stoop so low as to jump on this emotional and really ignorant ‘band wagon’ is sad and depressing.

I have been advocating for AVAAZ as an intelligent new voice of reason in an often senseless world run by a wealthy and entirely self-serving 1% who have the money to gamble on the world’s stock exchanges and manipulate the rest of the worlds population with threats of shifting their investments.  Now you have fallen in with these narcissistic sociopaths by using complete and utter bullshit to strike fear into not-so-smart people’s hearts.

This is a very, very sad day for the world.  AVAAZ was a phenomenon.  A beacon of light and hope for change.  You’ve extinguished that light with this one foolish, misguided and completely inane effort.

I’ll be campaigning against AVAAZ from now on.

A formerly proud member,

Kevin J. Lenard
Toronto, Canada

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