Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The A, B, C's of "Gun Un-Control"

Comment for Piers Morgan regarding his debate with Larry Pratt, gun lobbyist:

Piers, you haven't figured out the a, b, c's of the gun lobbyists yet, have you?  Whenever you're faced with someone whose answer to kids being cut down is 'arm the teachers', what you are facing is their efforts to sell a LOT more guns:
  • A. You cannot argue with an addict about the supply of their 'substance of choice'.  Gun owners get a little endorphin rush from fondling, shooting, talking and thinking about their guns.  Pratt is deeply addicted to guns and the money he makes from the gun lobby.
  • B. Psychopaths are NOT all mass murderers, at 1 in 100 in all human societies, diagnosable psychopaths are all around us (and many are high up on the spectrum, but not so much that they'd be diagnosed).  Pratt is one of these individuals and cannot be swayed by arguments that include empathy for other humans.
  • C. Pratt's argument is NOT "unbelievably stupid" (unless you are judging it on empathy for fellow humans).  It is a MARKETING argument that the gun manufacturers and NRA propagate and it is designed to leverage human fear and self-defense instincts. 
The objective of the latter marketing plan has been to sell many, many guns into America since 1791, then sell MORE guns today because 'normal' people have to defend themselves against low-empathy people who feel no guilt and have access to a SEA OF GUNS.  There are SO MANY guns in America today that all the manufacturers could be stopped tomorrow and no one would ever need to buy another new gun.  Not ever.  The current supply of 300 million guns can just be passed around at gun swaps and on EBay for 100 years and still satisfy every gun addict out there.

Pratt is very low-empathy individual.  He has the demeanor of a cold-hearted killer and uses religious words like "evil" to justify his desire to have guns and fantasize about shooting an intruder in his house (and "evil" makes it sound like someone "has" something, when in fact evil denotes the absence of empathy).   Be very afraid when you face individuals like him.  When they have the backing of the gun manufacturer's money behind them, they are very dangerous. 

Here's one simple solution to America's gun problem:

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