Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I Want to Own a BIG Gun!

Here's the ultimate solution to America's gun problem:
  • If you're the type of person who desperately want to own a 'big gun' and use the 2nd amendment as justification, 
You can own as many guns manufactured before December 15, 1791, as you like.  Go nuts.

Most of us are blissfully blind to how many things the human brain can get addicted to. Things that give us bursts of pleasure cause addiction, which is followed by denial, then rage at that thing being taken from us. Owning a 'big gun', handling it, shooting it, talking about it, just thinking about it, is addictive, and many Americans (and others) are addicted to their guns, just as they are to tobacco and alcohol.

Once you recognize that gun manufacturers are manipulating an addiction, you will also realize it needs to be controlled, if not stopped, as addiction kills.

Read Drew Magary's piece on Gawker for insight into what the gun business is really all about, then join the silent majority and stand up against the manipulation of your fellow Americans weaknesses for the sake of profit. 

     Read a simple new law to end the insanity in America and around the world.

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