Monday, December 17, 2012

A Simple New Universal 'Law For All Laws'

Here's an simple new law for every country in the world:
"From this day forward, all laws, constitutional or other, will be applied based upon their original INTENT and the current needs of society, judged by general agreement within the judicial system, NOT by misinterpretations and selective interpretations of the wording of said laws or strict adherence to the historical, and as such no longer relevant, original circumstances for the creation of any particular law." 
If this was accepted practice in the US, the 2nd amendment, which was put in place ONLY to ensure a scattered and poorly organized volunteer militia was adequately armed to fend off a foreign invasion, would have long ago been deemed null and void as the development of a highly organized and well-armed military removed any need for the populace to own guns for anything other than hunting game.

Further, if the same principle of law was applied to religion, ALL of the misapplication of ancient 'religious guiding principles' (including the trotting out of the concept of 'being POSSESSED by evil' every time a mentally ill or narcissistic-psychopath does what their total ABSENCE of empathy motivates them to do) would end because everyone would be forced to judge the guiding principles based upon the historical circumstances (i.e. no true Government existed to enforce good communal behaviour) of the origins of these ancient principles (e.g. don't eat pork because we have no refrigeration or electric ovens with timers).

There is a point at which 'collecting' becomes obsession, which becomes insanity.

America's 2nd amendment faces exactly the same fundamental problem as the 1st, and the solution is just as simple...

     Link: When an angry insane person 'shoots off their mouth', no one dies.

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