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1st vs. 2nd Amendment? No One Loses Their Lives When an Angry Person Shoots Their Mouth Off

Her sister teaches at the  Newtown school.
The US has exactly the same problem with their constitution's 2nd amendment that they have with its 1st.  The problem isn't guns, nor is it free speech, it's crazy people.   When you 'guarantee' freedom of speech to all, the crazy ones start blogs spewing racial vitriol and their freedom of speech has to be curtailed for the good of the whole.

So I actually agree with America's right-wing-nuts on their notion that guns don't kill people, people kill people.  However I think the statement really should be:

Guns don't kill people, CRAZY people kill people.  

Where 'crazy' can mean an awful lot of things, from angry over being cheated on, to 'road rage' under the influence of a few beers, to temporarily insane, to desperate for a drug fix, to simply having very, very low empathy for other human beings (as was the case with Adam Lanz in Conneticut, an autistic in addition to being a nut-job).  Seriously.  Your average neighbour doesn't kill people, not even intruders on his/her property.  They might have a gun, but they're VERY hesitant to use it even in self-defense. 

     The Problem with Labeling People.

That woman down the street years ago who killed her abusive husband, THAT was self-defense.  Shooting some kid walking down the street with a handgun you had hidden in your waistband and who you chased and challenged, THAT is murder.  And murderers aren't 'normal folks', they are murderous -- that is to say, they are a bit excited by the prospect of using a gun to take the life of another person, ideally someone that isn't a member of their tribe.

When a father and son kill three daughters and an ex-wife by knocking them out, putting them in a car and pushing it into a canal, that isn't somehow justifiable or easier to understand because it is a 'cultural honour killing', to murder family members REQUIRES craziness.  The 'justification' is "I feel such a lack of empathy to other humans that I'm even capable of taking the life of my own children."  (Note Adam Lanza killed his mother first -- with the semi-automatic handguns SHE, a 'gun collector' had purchased legally, one supposes to defend herself and her sons from crazy people...) 

I'm pretty sure that the vast majority of Americans do not believe that the graph of crazy people in the US looks like this:

I'm pretty sure that they understand that the Crazy Graph ACTUALLY looks like this:

The problem is not that the 84% of Americans on to the left of this 'intensity of occasional rage spectrum' cannot resist killing their fellow citizens, the problem is that:
  1. Absolutely everyone on the planet is somewhere on the bell curve.
  2. No one can really tell where anyone else is on the curve until they snap.
What most of us never stop to think about is that if 1% of all humans is a certifiable psychopath (that means about 3.3 million Americans), then about 15% are pretty high up on the spectrum without going over the diagnostic 'tipping point'.  There is a WHOLE LOT OF CRAZY out there, folks.  From that seemingly sweet and quiet Adam Lanza, to the neighbour down your street. "Stuff like this does not happen in Newtown," said Renee Burn, a teacher at another school in the town that Lanza did the killing in, but all that means is that it just hasn't happened YET, statistically Newtown has as many nut-jobs as any place else on the planet.

    The 'Global War on Terror' is really just humankind's challenge to find and stop nut-jobs.

What is REALLY going on with American men who are 'in love' with their guns?  Guns make men feel extremely powerful.  Guns give any man who can lift one the ability to kill any challenger, of any size, instantly and without much effort.  Wow!  Now THAT makes any man feel powerful!  In fact, that little ego boost, that 8" of penis extension, is very, very tough to say no to once the constitutional change made in 1791 was 'enshrined'. 

Addiction is all about little momentary pleasures that, when repeated often enough, cannot be said no to, even when the consequences of repeating the momentary pleasure is unhealthy for the individual or the others in the addicts' tribe.  Not only is holding a gun a momentary penis-extending pleasure, JUST KNOWING YOU OWN ONE (or 20) is gratifying, over and over again, every time the owner thinks about it.  Guns ownership is an addictive pleasure: men playing with toys that make them feel good. 

Let's face it, laws are made to deal with issues that sometimes go away over time.  It used to be legal to keep slaves.  It used to be the law to repeat a Christian prayer when school started each day.  It used to be the law that husbands could rape and beat their wives.  It is STILL legal for incestuous pedophiles to hide behind the sanction of 'family privacy' to rape their children (until they get exposed).  Laws get passed when they seem to make sense, then cancelled when they no longer make sense.

Back in the late 1700's, Americans had come through two major wars that effected virtually EVERY single non-native American and meant that every household HAD to be armed:
  1. The British had claimed the territory as their own and had to kill off or subjugate the original inhabitants (who had taken to guns quite well and quickly), and...
  2. The newly enriched 'New Worlders' realized they could keep more money for themselves if they declared independence and went to war with the Brits.
In 1791, the 2nd amendment made a lot of sense.  Don't let your guard down!  Either the original land owners, or the second land owners, will take it back!  220+ years later, the only war that Americans are fighting on the soil they took over by force is 'The War on Christmas' and 'The War on Drugs', both of which are consequences of what America was based upon: immigration and free speech, and free enterprise -- supply and demand.

I'd say that the 1st amendment still makes sense.  With anti-hate laws and reasonable censorship of nut-jobs rants, freedom of speech is what keeps a democracy semi-honest (in Canada, Prime Minister Stephen Harper enforces a media black-out on most of his dealings and muzzles all his party members).  The problem with the 2nd versus the 1st amendment is that no one loses their life when an angry person shoots their mouth off. 
So, what MOST Americans want isn't being passed into law...
At issue is the fact that there are a LOT of gun owners who, on the bell curve of really sane to really crazy, are quite crazy about their penis-extensions.  They are not going to allow you to take away the source of so much daily pleasure without putting up as big a fight as an alcoholic would if you tried to pry a bottle out of his hands.

And DENIAL is the first sign of an addiction problem -- but in this case the addicts have an entire association, the NRA, backed by the money and subsequent power of all those gun and ammunition producing companies across the US, that does nothing but crank out lobbyists and propaganda 365 days a year to prevent any changes to the 2nd amendment.  They're not doing so out of any 'love of all that is American' (outside of the fact their businesses are capitalistic). they're just out to protect their sales volume and profits.  Like the tobacco, alcohol and snack/fast food industries, their fundamental business model is to manipulate human nature, to produce and sell something that people find extremely hard to resist.

The only thing constant is change, and it is time for a change in America's gun ownership policies because the crazies aren't getting any less crazy.

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