Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Chinese 'Own' the 'Golden Rule': Whoever has the Most Gold, Makes the Rules

My comment on a page I 'like' on Facebook called "I Don't Like What Stephen Harper is Doing to Canada" in response to his post about the Justin Trudeau's endorsement of the Nexen/CNOOC deal being good for middle class Canadians over the long run:
Hm. I'm one of your biggest fans, "I don't like...", but humans of every nationality or religion tend to 'knee jerk' when it comes to rabidly 'protecting our tribe' (Canada, in this case). Scientists have recently proved it is built-in to our brain wiring, hence it's instinctual self-defence behaviour.
Another beautiful sunrise over Canada's Oil Sands
The reality is that macroeconomics rule the world. What the big-picture thinkers understand is that humans run on money, and the Chinese has a LOT of ours (we've been gorging on 'Made in China' for years). To get that money back (which the Chinese have been hoarding for years) we have to sell them something.
The way global corporations of every national origin in a 'free capitalist global economy' buy stuff these days is by purchasing the root of the profit, i.e. the SOURCE company, NOT just the goods on the open market. Canadian firms own mines around the planet and many manufacturing firms in China.
I oppose Harper's backroom deals that benefit mainly his 1% buddies and his media gagging, but blocking the Chinese (or any nationality) from investing in Canada is like closing our borders to trade. Even Burma/Myanmar is opening up in order to benefit its 1%, but by association, its 99%.
Time to be big-minded, not small-minded and knee-jerk like a poorly educated old fart Conservative from Canada's hinterland who's afraid of change and 'them dang foreigners'. All 3 of our national parties understand the macroeconomics. If you educate yourself, you'll see the subtle difference between opposing Harper's tactics and opposing investment in Canada.
The Chinese WILL dominate the world economically very soon, and rampant (irrational) nationalism MAY lead them to conquer the world militarily in the coming 50 years, but it is far more likely, knowing how clever (big picture) they are, that they will not waste their time, money and energy doing what they will do in the South China Sea and try to be the bully, instead they'll just control global trade and manipulate the world to their ends with money.
No amount of nationalism can stop our desire for money. The latter is going to bring us all under their domination and blocking this Nexen sale is just a minor distraction. Our REAL problem is that the global economy is based upon a betting pool (stock markets) that can be overtaken by 'the House' (the player with all the money). THAT is something to lose sleep over!
This from an old post of mine re: the latter point:
The 'stock market' is a gambling enterprise on a national and global level, pure and simple.  Some 'bets' are more stable than others, but none are guaranteed.  This enormously powerful gambling enterprise has been set up to allow the entire world's economy to be driven by it, allowing the relatively meagre wealth of non-players to be evaporated at the whim of the small group of players.

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