Thursday, October 4, 2012

An Elephant Leading the Sheep -- The First Debate of 2012, The Prez Gets Played Into Defense Mode...

"Sheep, clinging, as they do, to what they can afford that makes them feel powerful (guns) and what has always helped to define their flock (race and religion), can't fathom what is being debated." 
I was actually impressed by Mitt's brand new "GOP for average folks" stance at first, like an elephant with sheep painted on it's sides walking amongst the sheep and fitting right in!  Right up until he pulled out the old "We want average people who cannot afford decent medical insurance to have the choice of which medical insurance they want to buy at the state level..."

When private profit-takers are in charge of social assistance, their mandate is to screw over the insured to make a profit -- it's EXACTLY the same as putting a wolf in charge of the sheep flock.  There are many basic social services that any decent, modern, democratic government provides for its citizens that cannot be privatized BECAUSE they are social services, like welfare or creating rules and regulations for construction safety, or limits on financial 'products' because, without government regulation, the profit-makers WILL create sub-prime mortgages.

Left to profit-takers, social services naturally become corrupted.  It's at that point that 'free market capitalism' actually becomes 'profit for the rich at any cost to the citizenry' and that is the point that America has reached, sadly.  Vicious manipulation of the sheep by the wolves in an effort to go on an unregulated feeding frenzy, while dressing it up like it's to the sheep's advantage.  The sheep, clinging, as they do, to what they can afford that makes them feel powerful (guns) and what has always helped to define their flock (race and religion), can't fathom what is being debated.

This first debate made it seem like Obama and the Democratic machine couldn't figure out the spin that Mitt's spin handlers in the Republican camp might apply.  It was like they hadn't prepped the President for the inevitable "Republicans are all for the 99%" approach that could only begin to be played out in the debates, not on Mitt's campaign trail to date.

When what is on the table is the enormous pile of gold that is the tax revenue of America, assuming the strategy of the 'good guy' in the white hat is a really bad idea principally because it is a 'defensive' stance.  From that position you can only sit back behind your ramparts and wait for the attack, and the people behind the guy in the black hat WILL stoop to any level to win, attacking from above, below and every side.  Only by leaving the castle and attacking the profit-takers will the Democrats have a chance with the swing voters.  They screwed up badly with this first debate.

I hope that Obama's people get busy, because in the fight for the minds of the middle, the centrist, on-the-fence voters who will go with who ever makes them feel best about where their fortunes (and the US economy) will be taken over the next four years, it felt like Mitt had the more persuasive (if fast and loose with the truth!) arguments -- and many swing voters don't bother paying attention to 'fact checkers', they just go with their gut in the polling booth.

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