Friday, September 14, 2012

War is Coming, and Iran is the Next Easy Target for the US War Profit Machine

From moments ago via CNN:
"One person killed by police in Tripoli, Lebanon, after group of armed men storm restaurant amid protests in the city." 
And so it begins... Again.  (And they might surprise us and use some other flimsy excuse to invade Syria, Libya, Yemen, or Somalia instead of Iran, but regardless they have to start dropping bombs again soon to keep their stock in the bomb factories solvent.)

NONE of these protests 'against America' are about Muslim values or an offensive film (that appears to have been produced by an anonymous agent linked to Israel and conveniently is now an "American film"), they are being organized by local powerbrokers who use 'riots' to gain more power for themselves during the chaos that ensues. Some happen to be Arabs, some are North Americans, some Israelis, etc., but they all use pawns who are easy to inflame (unemployed 14-24 yr old males who all enjoy a good riot) to further their aims: more power/money out of their local area.

The net result, however, is that this "American film" is now creating, like 9/11 did some years ago, an excuse for America to re-start their war machine -- against their President's entire policy -- and move into the Iranian's neighbourhood as 'fires break out' all over the region apparently 'against' the US.

War is coming, again, and the world's 1% will make a ton of money again spending the tax revenues from the 99% as they send the poor kids into battle under the banner of "protecting the motherland". What bullshit.  It's about time the silent majority in the Developed World stop worrying about what they're going to wear to the next function they've been invited to and wake up and speak out.

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