Monday, August 20, 2012

Surprising Just How Much Like Us Some Very Different Individuals Are

When people appear to be so radically different than us, it's tough to believe they're actually the same (if not far brighter!). We have an instinct to turn away from what is not just like us, and therefore comfortable to us. An Australian friend of mine who I lived with in Sydney for awhile many years ago introduced me to these unique individuals and I've been fascinated by their extraordinary minds and lives ever since.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Welcome the "Screw the 99%" Dream Team!

Romney Chooses Ryan as Running Mate
Mitt Romney picks a former poor boy and "Deficit Reduction Visionary" to be his vice-presidential running mate.  Two white guys to run multi-cultural America and reduce the deficit by cutting social programs rather than raising taxes.  There are a lot of food-addicted 'good old boys' fist pumping the air across America today as very, very rich American citizens (formerly referred to as "corporations") pour ton of cold, hard cash into the GOP's election machine's war chest.

What I find fascinating is the Republicans constant but marginal references to "killing 'ObamaCare'".  Even though the majority of their poor voting base desperately needs this universal healthcare to remain in place or face bankruptcy (or not getting care) if they become ill (as they all will prior to dying earlier than they had to), the 1% who run the party need to kill it in order to boost profits in their investments in private insurance and healthcare corporations (now 'citizens').  If the Republicans get elected their first order of business will be to rob the 99% of America who cannot afford adequate private health insurance of their universal coverage under 'ObamaCare'.  And they will state with a confident smirk that "it is what we promised Americans we'd do for them during the election".  Beautiful!

What most conservative-leaning Americans seem to fail to grasp is that, as we evolve as a social species, supporting each other through 'government' is what most of us want to do.  If that means gradually increasing taxes until they are at a similar progressive tax rate to countries with the world's most egalitarian tax systems and highest quality of living standards for everyone from the poorest to richest, then most people (the 99%) are perfectly OK with it.  The people who are NOT alright with it are the megalomaniacs who want to keep every red cent they've managed to extract from the 99%.  These two guys represent that very small minority.

It's now their job, and that of their party, having blocked most of what Obama has tried to accomplish during his first term, to convince the least bright and most inherently prejudiced against change (i.e. anyone who isn't just like them) to vote not FOR them, but AGAINST the 'black man' who understands that 'Hope for Change' means supporting each other through taxes, not supporting the 1% with impassioned and evangelical, but nonsensical, screams of "NO MORE TAX."  In a democratic system (see Canada's "Harper Majority") sadly it is the least informed and most afraid of better new solutions who determine the outcome of elections.  I fear for America in November of 2012.


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