Saturday, June 9, 2012

Obesity is Evidence of an Unhealthy Addiction -- Humans Instinctively Ostracise Addicts for the Survival of the Tribe

Get your "Spanx" on Gurl!
While I'm not being 'politically correct' (and hence not popular!), in response to some comments to an article on CNN about the success of "Spanx" (a line of 'girdles' designed to put the proverbial 'squeeze' on any specifically targeted area of a woman's body created by Sara Blakely, now a billionaire), I had the following to point out:
"Better-looking women are more likely to be hired and promoted than those who are less attractive."
I'm sorry, but this holds true for men as well. Yes, it is a man's world, and the recent "equal pay" defeat in congress proves that. But this article basically says that attempting to improve your image makes you a sell-out. Image has been a major factor in public success forever... Public Image in our contemporary, to-the-second update world is unavoidable. 

Tell that to Donald Trump, Newt Gingrich, Ben Franklin, or Bill Gates, Einstein.

Beel, all those men all were very smart and/or very determined, which balanced out any issues of appearance -- think Stephen Hawking (brilliant) or George W. Bush (determined), as was the case with Sara Blakely of Spanx, regardless of her appearance. 
The point underlying this issue IS related to appearance, as Jack237 points out, but what Avashai (and 90%) of people in general, entirely miss the point on is that obesity is NOT about 'acceptance' and 'being kind' to fat people, or women being 'liberated', it is evidence (to our reptilian brain) of addiction, of poor health, i.e. the inability to outrun a sabre-toothed tiger.  We no more want obese people around us in the workplace than we want heroin addicts, or lepers, or grossly overly-tanned people, or people who are coughing constantly -- we instinctively want to surround ourselves with people who look and act healthy. 
Symmetrical faces are not only most attractive to us, but visual evidence of balanced, 'healthy' genes; individuals in our 'tribe' at work who are slim, attractive and active make us feel safe and ready to take on any challenge at an instinctual level. You'll see proof of this in the hiring policies of all the most challenging and demanding industries (with the exception of the occasional overweight geek in their midst) when you walk into the office of a successful advertising agencies or software firm like Apple or Google.
The underlying root cause o the global success of Spanx speaks to a problem the entire world is facing today, the 'free market' pushes companies like Pepsico and Coke to grow and grow every year to please their shareholder (the 1%) at any cost, ethical considerations being last on the list (though P&G recently unloaded Pringles, a move for which they did not garner sufficient praise).  The spread of highly addictive 'snack foods' (if we 'snack' between meals, we gain weight) and highly addictive prepared and fast foods to every corner store in every country of the world is turning kids into food addicts around the globe, to the delight of the shareholders.

What we'll witness in the coming years is the recognition that mixing together a lot of sugar, flavouring and caffeine with water and selling it to kids (so-called "Energy Drinks") is the exact same thing as selling them cigarettes.  The same goes for adding lots of salt and flavouring to carbohydrates like chips, or freezing cream covered in chocolate and putting a stick in it, or putting caramel in a chocolate container.  Sad, but true.  If you make these substances readily available to impressionable kids who don't know any better (or the entire half of our human population who fall on the less clever half of the bell curve), they will become addicted to them.  Period.  End of story.  Kids have no built-in restraint.  Big SCORE for the global corporations and their shareholders!  Yay!

More on the problem with companies making addictive substances without restriction here (click for link), and what recent scientific discoveries have revealed about how we gain weight here.

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