Monday, February 13, 2012

Fats Don't Make Us Fat, Carbs Do!

From Fast Company (link).  This is truly, mindbogglingly revolutionary!  Really.  What it means is that the 'Olympic Ski Team Diet,' first popularized back in the 70's, was key to not just gradually becoming a more healthy eater, but also to dropping weight without exercise:
Eat as much meat as you want (yes, even fried chicken!), plus vegetables slathered in butter, milk and cheese, but minimize your intake of carbs like pasta, breads and cereal; starch like rice, flour, potatoes and corn; and sugar. 
In other words, fried foods/fat is not the problem with 'fast food', the breaded/flour coatings, potato starch, buns and soft drinks are!  Cut down on the fries and KFC-style coatings, drink diet/lite pop and toss the buns away and eat as much spicy roast or deep-fried chicken as you want.

What will eventually change the world is the recognition that 'political correctness' is what is killing us.  Chubby babies who grow into obese kids aren't 'cute', little Siu who is too fat to run isn't genetically disadvantaged, these children are addicted and their parents helped them become addicted.  Obesity isn't a failing of willpower, it is an addiction, pure and simple and cannot be treated effectively in any other way.  

Like any addiction, food addiction begins 'under the radar', then gradually takes over one's life -- the insidious difference with food addiction is that you cannot avoid it, you can't walk away from the source/supply.  You cannot stay away from Las Vegas, or move away from the crack-dealers, or ban alcohol from your house, your body requires food to survive every single day, several times a day.  This addiction is a bitch, folks, and it's time we woke up and recognized it for what it is.

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Key to what scientists have learned since the 70's is DO NOT completely cut out carbs, starch and sugar as your body 'thinks' it is being starved of those 'easy-to-digest' calories and starts 'hoarding' what little energy it's getting from these sources, just cut back to a minimal portion of these substances. 

Research into how the human body functions has also proven that 'diets' aren't the way to lose weight permanently, changing eating habits are the way to do it.  What the high protein, fat and fibre, low empty-calorie program offers, however, is the chance to prove to yourself, by sticking to it stringently for just a couple of weeks, that the weight can actually come off without exercise and while eating to satiation at every mealtime!  Trying a 2 week program will prove that sticking to this new selection of proportions will work over the long run.
Including more than 30 mins of minimal exercise in any obese person's weight loss regimen is completely self-defeating, in my view. 
Doing so is the equivalent of strapping one of those big water-cooler jugs filled to the brim onto an athletic person's back (or belly) and then getting them to do their normal work-out routine.  They'd quit after 2 minutes because it's just too strenuous.  In my opinion, anyone who is obese (not just a bit over-weight) should invest all their energy into changing their eating habits with high protein, high fat and low empty-calories, NOT burning calories.

More recent research has proven that any moderate exercise OVER 30 minutes per day (even as low as 3 x 10 minute walks around the block or shopping mall) does not improve wellness or longevity, but anything LESS than 30 minutes leads to illness and early death (link).  More recently studies have proven that exercise, for those who are fat, is not what takes weight off, ONLY changing ones food choices does.

On a related note, if your workouts take up too much of your time, or hurt too much, you won't keep them up!  Here are my thoughts on how to keep motivated: "How to Workout for the Rest of Your LONGER Life! (link)"

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