Friday, January 13, 2012

Men Rule! Women Get the Short End of the Stick...

You gotta love the male mind.  Since the dawn of hominid existence there was a group of men sitting around the campfire after having failed, yet again, to bring home an antelope carcass, digesting the meal of vegetables and fruit that the womenfolk gathered and cooked, making shit up.  With nothing much to do, they came up with stories to explain stuff they didn't understand and, as they really enjoyed sex and wanted more of it from the womenfolk, much of the time the point of the stories was to control the women in their tribe or any women they came across.

ALL of religion, the dogma, the stories, the rituals, the rules, came from the minds of men.  The women were too busy to come up with these stories, although they probably had a big influence on injecting morals and ethics into the stories during the re-telling!  Catholicism is entirely and completely a system of rules, regulations and privileges that revolve around making a bunch of men all-powerful.  Catholic popes had multiple wives back in the day!

Islam is all about men exercising absolute control over women (although most of the 'covering-up' and 'can't go out' rules are interpretations of vague words in the Koran that were only invented in the past few decades since oil made people in the middle east wealthy enough to stop having to be nomadic).  The beauty of modern interpretations of the Koran is that much of it is about how it is the womens fault that men are attracted to them.

As is the case with politics when voters lose control of the politicians once they are elected, once religious leaders are in power, they live in a world of their own invention, dealing only with each other, creating and executing machinations that please themselves no end, making them feel important and giving them justifications to spend money on expensive dinners and plane flights to influence other powerful men, like in this case:

And since most of the people who bother to go through the ridiculous efforts that are necessary to get elected are men, women continue to get the short end of the stick since they don't protest, they aren't involved in the machinations!  Great set-up for all theses guys!

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  1. It's a sad truth isn't it. Glad to see you're blogging still. Happy New Year Kevin, hope all is well. x K



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