Thursday, October 6, 2011

"Occupy Wall Street": It's NOT a Protest Against Obama, It's a Protest Against GOP Policies

Here's all that US politicians need to watch to 'get' what the growing protest against 'free market capitalism' is really all about in America:

While it has taken a very long time for the fiscal reality of what politicians in the US have gradually voted into being to filter down and be understood by average Americans, (ESPECIALLY what the GOP did under the second Bush: finding an excuse to make trillions for themselves and their buddies at Haliburton, the arms and oil companies  on American tax payer dollars by going to war against some 'brown' people), they are finally starting to understand it.  Their elected representatives, in an effort to get into power and stay there, have been borrowing from around the world to give Americans a lot of stuff without having to pay for it with sufficiently high taxes.  What individual Americans have been doing in going into vast personal debt has been mirrored by their government.

In Canada, in the province of Ontario, we're facing a similar political choice today, October 6, 2011, in a vote to either keep the Liberals in power under Dalton McGuinty, who are giving us more services at the cost of higher taxes, or the Conservatives under a power-hungry, relatively inexperienced young politico named Tim Hudak who is free-capitalism-friendly and promises us more services with LOWER taxes.  He's a bald-faced liar since getting stuff without paying for it is impossible, as the US has demonstrated, but many wishful old farts and not-so-smart voters will vote for him as his promise seems REALLY attractive!  (If anything seems too good to be true, however...)

My voting decisions are based on a very simple analysis.  I would like to live in a country that is even MORE like the countries that  consistently score at the very top of the 'best quality of living' global rankings: the northern European countries like Denmark, Sweden and Switzerland.  LOTS of 'cradle-to-grave' services, balanced national budgets and very high taxes -- in other words, you get what you pay for.  Sign me up!

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  1. If you look at you will find another solution and alternative to these problems, and also the source of debt enslavement of people and nations.

    In case you hadn't noticed it, the Democrats and Republicans are just two side of a controlled opposition, funded by the Money Power to distract people with hot button issues that do nothing to attack teh core of the problem, which is fractional reserve banking and money creation on local an national banking levels.



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