Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Occupy Movement is Protesting "Anarchists" & The Rich: Our Society's Two Extreme Sets of "1%"

MESSAGE TO THE "OCCUPIERS":  When you see a late teen to early 20's male with a black shirt/hoodie/bandana mingling with your crowd, call 911 on your cell phone and 'out' him -- those sociopathic 'joy riders' are about to hijack and destroy all the positive change you are working for and they are NOT members of your movement.
Contrary to the conservative simpletons trying to dismiss it, the growing global protest is NOT about 'liberalism' or 'socialism' or union support, per se, it's just a protest against 'looters'.  What's most fascinating is that the fringe at both extremes, the 'anarchistics' at about 1% and the conservative 'dismissers' who blindly support the systems that are in place to maintain the wealth of the richest 1%, have exactly the same mind-set -- "Let's do what our selfish brains would most like to do!"  This comes down to either collecting more wealth than the rich can actually spend by manipulating financial and regulatory systems, or setting fire to cars and looting stuff.  In both cases, the extremists’ brains are very pleased with the self-satisfying outcomes.

Many years ago the inventor of one of the world's most successful new religions, who was already by that point a wealthy science fiction writer, said "If you REALLY want to get rich, invent a religion!"  He even went so far as to build-in an early version of video-game-like points collection into it so that egoists like Tom Cruise could rise up the hierarchic pyramid and stay vested in the scam.  

The next best way to get even richer, if you are already rich, is to support politicians who will work hard to start a war for the shiftiest of rationalizations, then shift your investments into the arms and rebuilding companies that will benefit most from the taxpayers' dollars going into the effort while your poorest fellow citizens fight and die.  It's a nearly perfect money-making scam!  It's what the university-educated members of the "Baby Boomers" generation united against (more or less!) in protest against during the Vietnam war when the rich politicians energetically tried to silence them, killing a bunch at Kent State in Ohio in 1970.  Wars are money-making machines for the rich, though most of the 99% don't really fully understand how.

The "Boomers" kids, the "Gen X" generation, really never had much to protest about as the 'post-wars' work ethic of the "Boomers" allowed them to cruise along riding their apron strings (and the Kuwait and Bosnian conflicts were more or less 'flash in the pan' affairs).  The next generation, the "Millennials," are now entering university and the work force and have a new war (and group of decision-makers) to protest against.  This generation, however, who are better schooled in looking for the underlying roots of big problems and going to the source to address them, is protesting not against the government, exactly, but against those who manipulate the government to their own advantage, the rich, and the bastion of the rich, the global 'stock market' system.
Over 100 years a VAST amount of wealth has been funnelled into this gambling pool!
The only reason to have 'government' worldwide is to ensure we all have an institution to control the few from over-running the many to benefit themselves -- humans are inherently self-centered and some of us lack empathy plus are highly motivated to accumulate stuff, whether by illegal or legal 'looting', for ourselves regardless of the cost to others.  The rich have the power to direct government worldwide and, given the opportunity, they do so with their political contributions and by getting voted into office. 

This new protest is against the fact that our global economy (and both our pension funds and national economies) is totally at the mercy of a gambling institution called the "stock market".  In every 'stock market' the rich gamble on what the masses will do ('consumer confidence') and cripple the rest of us financially.  There's more than enough actual wealth out there in the planet for us all to be comfortable (and for ALL the poor to become educated to the point where they realize making babies is not an effective way to ensure a secure retirement).
The 'Occupy' movement is not going away, no matter how much the conservatives wish that things would just go back to the way they were, or the young male thugs who like to blow stuff up and steal try to hijack it.  This 'movement' was created by a generation of self-centered "Gen Xers" living in every country where their kids had exposure to mass media (i.e. including most of the developing world like Egypt).  This generation of parents, who weren't faced with much to protest over (or were shot if they tried), desperately focused on feeling good about being 'extraordinary parents'' by protecting their kids from facing any kind of disappointment or failure, whether on the soccer field or in the classroom. Their "Millennial" kids, in America and, to a lesser extent, developing countries outside of Asia, got prizes at school just for showing up.  I lived in Mexico from 1999-2005 and I can tell you that this insidious trend had already arrived there, driven in part by exposure to American movies and TV shows.

The "Gen Xers'" kids, the new "Millennial" generation, expects unprecedented 'fairness' ('entitlement') whether they live in America, Mexico or Egypt and they WILL NOT accept that people can lord it over them just because they railroaded themselves into power (dictators), were born into money, or are indebted to rich people for paying for their election campaigns.  They'll give up their lives to fight against tyranny, whether it be political or financial.  Get used to it, you retiring grandparent "Boomers" and parent "Gen Xers", these kids are the future, and they expect cradle to grave services and expect both themselves and the rich, at an exponentially higher rate (only fair given that they have much more than they could ever reasonably need to spend), to pay for them.

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