Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Last Post

No, not my last post here!  My last one on the future of marketing on my so-called 'professional' blog at  Had to take it down as it was getting in the way of my ACTUAL last post, a summary of my thoughts over the past several years.  And this likely fits this blog better anyway... 

Here's a parting sentiment from a former ad agency guy who has issues with "letting go of the past":

Yes, the ad biz was a passion of mine and what can I say?  It has been tough to let go!  :-(

Deciding not to expend further energy thinking about an industry that is so far up its own wazoo that they are all in a tizzy trying to figure out how to do 'push marketing' in so-called 'social media' was a fool's errand and my OCD was driving me to spend way too much time thinking about it.  I wish them all well!

Whether you're at the point where you're considering your legacy or your future career, you might get something from this post: "Choosing a Career in Your Teens, Now THAT's a Tough Job!"

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