Monday, September 26, 2011

Isn't It Just!

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Any more than you should push your kids into 'Toddler Tiara beauty contests' (regardless of how easy it is to manipulate the little angels into going along with it), or into being a star footballer (if it's really not their thing) in order to satisfy the ego of mom, dad, or both.  To be absolutely fair to the innocents who aren't yet free (or equipped) to evaluate and choose, don't shove your religion down your own children's throats just because you happen to like it, or because it's all you've ever known.

Religion as a 'cultural tradition' is fading as we all begin to admit how much bloodshed it has (and continues) to 'enable'.  Religion, no matter how well-meaning the words in the "good books" may be, is naturally divisive.  We already naturally cling to 'us' versus 'them' delineations in our daily lives, it's a part of our inherent human behaviour.  All religions do is provide one MORE rationale for why your group is different, and therefore superior, to their group.  Not only are we better because we come from X region/territory and look like Y, they don't share our 'religious higher ground,' so -- DEATH TO THE PEOPLE WHO AREN'T EXACTLY LIKE WE ARE!

No religion has ever succeeded in bringing religious groups together with any kind of consistency over time because the common denominator is always the fact that the majority of each religions' members aren't all that good at educating themselves to the point of being open-minded.  Many actually go as far as ONLY reading their own "good book" to the exclusion of anything else, and so become even more xenophobic/isolated/indoctrinated/closed-minded. 

As long as the uneducated and narrow-minded have a pulpit to screech from and a "good book" to misquote and misinterpret from, they will foment and encourage 'us' vs. 'them' instinctual divisions in the minds of the general populace, thus doing exactly the opposite of what their "good book's" contributors intended.  Want to 'do right' by your kids?  Read them ALL the "good books" at bedtime and point out all the similarities, not the differences.

Just sayin'...

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