Tuesday, July 5, 2011

The 3 Things Every Great Relationship is Built Upon

In developing the presentation for my seminar for adult singles, I was thinking back to what was at the core of my great relationships in the past, and I realized that in every single one (including the ones that didn't work!), it always came down to three core things and that in every single one I could tell you which two of the three things worked well, and which one I had to compromise on.  There was one woman I never got the chance to really have an on-going relationship with who I think I MIGHT have had all three with, but the timing/stage-of-our-separate-lives was wrong (maybe that is another dimension I need to add in!).

  1. "Passion" relates to pheromones, attractiveness, sexual appeal/compatibility, 
  2. "Personality" is all about sense of humour, confidence, leisure-time interests, laid-backedness, etc., and... 
  3. "Intellect" speaks to their interests in politics and books, their smarts, their ability to chat about things you find interesting, etc.
I challenge you to try it out.  Think back to even your earliest adult relationships and tell me if you don't agree that, not only do the three things apply to every one of your past relationships,  the need to rank order these things and go into any new date with the willingness to compromise on one of the three things also applies to who you might end up with next!

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