Sunday, April 3, 2011

Yeah, You Have No Time. You're Too Busy For This, or For That...

But you should take time to watch this young girl through to the end (18:29 mins).  Why?  Only because I'm not, as a manly man, suppose to cry at stuff, yet streaming tears well up in my eyes every single time (many, so far) that I watch this.  It makes me angry and self-critical, and sad that I'm not yet a daddy.   It makes me joyous just for the fact that Sarah Kay lives on this planet with me.  Watch it, to the end, then ask yourself what else you can do this year, this lifetime:

And if it didn't doesn't do anything for you, well, you shouldn't be reading this blog.

Tell your story.  I'm trying to learn to tell mine everyday, to elucidate it, enunciate it, disseminate it.

1 comment:

  1. Crying puts the manly in manly man. Thank you for posting this, I needed it. Have a nice day.



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