Sunday, March 27, 2011

"You Should Date an Immature Man"

A blogger-muse of mine brought my attention to a response to "You Should Date an Illiterate Girl" by Charles Warnke.  I was quite taken by the latter as I share his sentiment, but the response it illicited from Amanda Dookie had some gems, too (though, overall, the post is a bit of a slog to get through -- paragraphs, Amanda, paragraphs and less-is-more -- you're being read online!).  

K, captured the core message in this snippet from her post about it:
The man who has grown up, in all his rarity, will bulldoze his way in to every area and aspect of your life, both mentally and physically. He will do this because he’s actually aware of the fact that you there are other planes to your existence beyond the mounds on your chest and the vast space between your eyes. You will no longer be able to live with your current, untouched belief systems because from the moment he comes in to your periphery, he will infiltrate your mental space, stroking your ego and picking your brain, until he’s got a pretty solid idea of all of your own person doctrines, theories, and mantras and has already imposed his own perspective on it.
The man who has grown up will permanently taint your memory of all the other boys you’ve ever dated, younger or older in age, blasting them far off in to outer space never to return to your mind or heart. He will raise the bar well above average, officially casting away a large sum of the rest of the men on this planet by heightening your awareness of their immaturity, their bullshit lines, and stark stares. He may leave you speechless as to what you actually want and desire. Above all else, he’ll consume you with desire. He will open your eyes and change your vision. He will challenge your current beliefs. He’ll listen to you, actually listen to you, and then he’ll have something to say about it. He will open your eyes up to ideas, feelings, and thoughts, you solely believed could never be shared. The way he will make you feel will have you questioning your own sanity. 

This will drive you insane. 

He will sear his way in to your mind, memory and heart. I could go on, but hey, I’ll just date an immature guy instead.
As a man who is no longer immature (sigh...) I must say thanks for the sincere shot at educating the "Queens" (no longer "Princesses" and not yet "Courtiers") out there, Amanda!

The worst experience for a man who is most interested in starting a family (better late than never!) can go through is continually coming up against a wall of online profiles of attractive women in their 30's who consistently claim that their "what I'm looking for" age range is from TEN years younger, to PERHAPS 2-3 years older (no, not all of them, there are Courtiers amongst them).  That and their "300 Criteria for a Second Date" drive me into paroxysms of, well, blog-rants!  ;-)


  1. Many thanks, Kevin! I'm glad you enjoyed my paragraph-less rant ;) I'll be a little bit of a devil's advocate and throw in a dose of optimism your way by saying that there is probably a viable Courtier/Queen hybrid out there just for you!

  2. Ah, one can only hope, Amanda, and thanks for your positive vibe!

    I like the way your brain works. And there's nothing wrong with stream-of-consciousness posts. I used to be a big advocate, but I've been beaten up by enough good writers to have eventually succumbed to the notion that there's also nothing wrong with re-writing/parsing. ;-)



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