Friday, March 18, 2011

Are BMF's Even ALLOWED to Feel Neglected?

(Where "BMF" stands for Best Male Friend, BTW...)
OK, I haven't been 'fluffy' enough in my posts of late (ever?), so here's something warm and fluffy...
I'm having an unfamiliar feeling.  Like something's not quite in the state of balance my nature usually prefers.  (No, it's not my IBS.) 
The BFF has been busy.  Dates and whatnot.  Business stuff and girly get-togethers.  Sink trap cleaning and drawer contents re-arrangement and what have you.  So little time, so many demands.

Me too, of course.  There's been, well, TV shows that required watching and long-distance blog-mates to keep in contact with, blog post topics to contemplate, Facebook updates to peruse and TV shows to (where you can find episodes you haven't seen).  There was St. Paddy's Day drinking to be done (with a buddy who insists on chatting up women he has no interest in because they seem to hang on his every word -- and there's a word for that -- another splendid opportunity for 'early to bed, early to rise'!).  Oh, and we mustn't forget sabre-toothed tigers to fend off on dating sites and witty, flirty messages to be sent to women who, based upon their carefully cropped photos and cleverly written profiles, I imagine I'd quite fancy in person.  (Though the gods, to ensure the healthy state of my humility, ensure that the latter are invariably met with the online equivalent of stony silence...)
Yes, well, yet I'm feeling, dare I say it, pangs of, well, longing.  A craving gone unfulfilled.  An inadequacy.  If it's not quite a hollowness, then it's an indentation in a favourite chair that someone else's personage is supposed to be nestled within.  A deficiency in my current state of affairs.  A wanting, not of just companionship, but of a specific companion's sunny repartee.  
It's just a change in routine that is throwing me off, of course.  Once you get used to things occurring with a certain cadence, an established frequency, it's perfectly normal to feel oddly off-balance when your regular 'sounding board' isn't available to bounce ideas off according to your normally scheduled programming.  Like a detour erected in your normal route to work, an interruption in newspaper delivery, or Starbucks discontinuing your favourite bean blend.   Not something one can't work around, over, or through to get past though!
Somewhat, well,  disquieting, however
Discomfort-inducing, to be more precise.  
Nothing I can't shake off, of course.  A challenge to be met head-on as only a man can do.  I haven't got enough on my plate, that's likely what the problem is.  To negotiate this speed-bump on my (of late) normally placid emotional passage I'll: 
  • Go to the gym again this afternoon and sweat the feeling into oblivion.
  • Write a blog post to diminish and diffuse the disturbance.
  • Go out for drinks with a pal to fill my headspace with "what if's" about the ones that will get away. 
  • Drive out to my boat to remove, re-cut, re-caulk, polish, repair and generally put far too much energy into replacing my porthole windows, thus undermining this peculiar sensation with busy-work over the weekend. 

"There! I feel better already!" said the King. 

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