Saturday, December 18, 2010

Assange's WikiLeaks: A 14 Year-Old Boy Defacing the World with Graffiti

Occam's Razor: the simplest explanation is usually the truth: Julian Assange is a 14 yr old graffiti-sprayer.

Any person who does not possess the ability to feel guilt or empathy for the people of a nation, or of an army, or of a diplomatic corps, to the point he will, at considerable expenditure of effort and with great glee at the prospect of becoming famous, release highly sensitive and damaging documents into a free public forum is the same type of person who will act out his fantasies of aggression towards women by initiating intercourse without their permission while they sleep.

This guy is NOT 'normal', he's not a hero fighting for the principle of free speech. He's a weasel. Use your gut instincts and common sense and take one hard look at him in video clips and photos. Take a good look at his eyes.

'Conspiracy theorists' have a deep-seated need to find mysteries to uncover, to dig for buried treasure, to find meaning in coincidence. They work hard to fill a deep-seated need. I get it. Doesn't make it true, but DAMN, it is a lot of fun!

Yes, there is surely encouragement and eager cooperation from all the nations hurt by the leaks to support the Swedes' efforts, but one look at this guy will confirm that it would be no surprise to find him enthusiastically waiting for a woman to fall asleep so he can stick it to her. In fact, if he was NOT a twisted individual, he would not have created a website designed to cause havoc round the world in order to bolster his own ego.

Assange is a 14 year old graffiti-sprayer who hasn't matured, a pathetic vandal who has had the opportunity to act out some immature and hurtful little rape fantasies.

WikiLeaks has NEVER been about freedom of speech, it is all about Assange's ego and his leaks have caused untold and patently criminal damage. Just because you can leak a secret, does not mean you have the moral imperative to do so -- that is what human society is ultimately about, choosing to do what will be best for the ENTIRE population, NOT what just makes a few feel good by giving in to their sick needs to bolster their own egos.

Here's a simple test for all you supporters of Assange under the premise that he's all about free speech: if you had your finger hovering over the 'upload' button to WikiLeaks and you had a son or daughter on the frontlines in Afghanistan and knew that sharing the info could very likely put your family member at risk of death, would you? Really? You'd essentially help a warlord fighting for nothing more than consolidating his own power in his neighbourhood pull the trigger on your own child for the sake of a vague principle that if you came across a briefcase full of sensitive documents it is your moral obligation to release them to the world?

Maybe you should stand behind your convictions and share Assange's cell for a few years, just don't fall asleep naked.


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