Sunday, May 30, 2010

How Men vs. Women Decide to Date

Maxim magazine has laid it out for us!  The only confusion I have is with the woman's decision to say "yes" to unattractive guys who aren't funny, have small packages and aren't kind hearted?  Don't really get that one, but I suspect the men who made the flowchart are taking a poke at the mysterious tendency some girls have of seeming happy to date assholes (covered in one of my posts for link).

Now if only I could figure out how to leverage this information.  I'm thinking about having a T-shirt made up with this on the front: 
I'm "Available"   
Key details follow... 
...and a list on the back with check marks beside each point:  
  • Funny  √
  • Solvent  √
  • Loves kids/animals  √
  • Great cook  √
  • Articulate  √
  • Hopeless romantic  √
  • Sociable  √
  • Good with his hands  √
  • Great kisser  √
  • Ask me about:  MY BOAT
You think I'd sell a few? What would the single female version have on it?

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