Monday, February 9, 2009

Michael Jackson's Gives His Kids All The "Loving" He Likes

Comment on Let's Stop Crazed Baby-Obsessives From Media Profit

Interesting the amount of debate this tragedy had ignited around the issue of child welfare for kids of unstable parents, yet one of the most horrific on-going child abuse cases on record continues to be ignored by one and all. Not only ignored, but financially supported by the public through radio and CD royalties and by advertisers who continue to pay to use the abuser's songs in ads (until '08 he continued to receive up to $8.5 million in annual advances for a 4,000-song catalogue he owned that included 200 Beatles tunes). (Note: It’s now a year since that gravy train got shut down and he’s suddenly going back on the cash-making concert trail...)

After years of doing his best to find ways to get young boys into his bed by buying things kids like and modifying his appearance to be more appealing to white kids), he finally hatched the most diabolical scheme in history -- buying three babies from 2 surrogate moms.

There's nothing wrong with vigorous debate when innocents are involved, but while considering the issue of the media being leveraged to support parents who have the potential to harm their kids, let's not leave the most blatant and well-known case in the world out of the discussion. As advertisers we have a responsibility to consider what the effects of our choices are. When we buy whichever media is getting the most views, or pay to use a popular song, we have to ask who's benefiting from that spend whether it be the biological mother of 14, or the 'you-can-call-me-daddy' of 3.

Read the full scoop here:  Michael Jackson's REAL Legacy


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