Thursday, March 8, 2018

SJW's Aren't Protesters, They're Low IQ Addicts

Do 'Charismatic' Christians enjoy 'speaking in tongues' (glossolalia), or do they do so out of an obligation to 'do what's right'?
They go to church every Sunday and revel in the attention they get performing in front of an encouraging audience of like-minded people, so it's clear they enjoy it. 

SJW's are actually just religious addicts -- their 'cause' has become their religion and they get off on the attention they get from being in the spotlight, even if they're being attacked, which makes them feel even more self-righteous/validated.  Here's the link to my video on the subject:

What the science of psychology is beginning to explain is that the ritualized chanting, shouting, getting together in a big group of people who seem to share your feelings, holding hands and 'singing Kumbaya' lights up our brain pathways for religious fervor.  Doing so makes us feel fulfilled and happy.  The reason isn't important, it is the group's collective behaviour and the anticipation of participating that makes our brain secrete reward chemicals.

Jordan Peterson is a soft-spoken, brilliant (if odd) psychology professor who deeply respects his fellow humans and has spent a lifetime trying to help people with delusions and confusions find a better understanding of themselves and the world around them.  He is the farthest thing from what these zealots are accusing him of, but that is of no importance to them because they get SO MUCH pleasure from gathering in a large social group, chanting and smashing things.  It empowers them in ways that going to class and getting confused by deep conceptual thinking does not.  Sadly many of these individuals do not have the intellectual fortitude to be in university, but have been told they won't be able to earn a decent living without a degree. 

What we all do, but especially the media, through validating these so-called 'protestors' by pretending they have some kind of valid point, is legitimize a very stupid point of view and lend support individuals who enjoy the thrill they get from being in a crowd shouting and smashing things.  When challenged to explain their points, as Jordan Peterson consistently attempts to do, and did again at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada yesterday, they have little or no valid points of argument.  This is the hallmark of low IQ individuals.  They want 'respect' for their 'opinions,' but these opinions are not based upon factual, well-considered arguments, but just feelings.  I, for one, empathize with people who suffer from hurt feelings, but refuse to treat feelings as anything worth debating.  Have a good cry and see a therapist to help you get past these ephemeral emotions that are crippling your ability to function in the real world. 

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