Saturday, January 11, 2014

Help Stop Big Tobacco's Last Tools for Addicting Young People to Smoking

There is no bigger promoter of teen smoking than Robert Pattinson.
There's a simple, easy way to gradually prevent the majority of kids from starting smoking, although the industry will fight it tooth and nail behind the scenes.  Ban any photo, or video, or mention of cigarettes in any public medium.

The photo shoot featuring Robert Pattinson of Twilight fame holding a cigarette in almost all the shots did more to start teens smoking than any other advertising or 'placement'.  Mad Men helped gets countless more started.  There are HUNDREDS of popular songs that feature mentions of cigarettes and clearly make smoking seem like it is cool and rebellious, and teens brains go through a period of instinctual, uncontrollable rebellion.

It is this fact of human brain development and our highly addictive nature that the tobacco industry feeds off of, addicting impressionable young people before they have the capacity to resist.  Start your personal lobby against Big Tobacco now.  Sign the petition.

Yes, film producers/directors, songwriters, 'free speech nut jobs' and others (ESPECIALLY the lobbyists funded by Big Tobacco) will scream "ARTISTIC LICENSE!" and "We're just replaying a historical truth!"  I call bullshit.  No TV show or movie is going to be less watched because smoking gets left out.  No character in any show is going to be less powerful due to them not being shown smoking. 

Alcohol is a substance that can be consumed by the majority in large or small amounts by the masses without triggering addiction, that is NOT true of smoking -- once you get started, you are addicted for life.  It takes a LOT of drinking to lead someone to an early grave, it takes just a few cigarettes a day to put smokers into expensive health care as they age.  For the profit of a few of the 1%, millions are being coerced into addiction worldwide.

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